Limited edition life-sized busts of American icons in museum-quality, molten cast
or bonded bronze created by master sculptor Bruce B. Everly, Sr.



“Our nation has been shaped by men and women who can teach from both a positive and negative point of view how to resolve our present challenges. The soldiers, and the generals who led them, in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Spanish American War, Civil War, WWI, WWII and the recent wars; the presidents and political leaders; the cowboys and western heroes and the Native Americans all can teach us how to face our current problems.”

He says it is the whole face, but specifically the eyes that reflect the inner character and soul of the piece. When you look into the faces of the American Icons Series, you can detect the strength and integrity of our past leaders. He captures their character in his creations. When Everly’s hand touches the clay to sculpt a new portrait of an American icon, he uses his knowledge of history and information about the person to bring their special personality and spirit into the piece.

His limited edition busts are cast into either molten-cast bronze or cold-cast bronze which ever the client chooses. The private/corporate commission pieces are usually one-of-a-kind fired clay which can be cast into cold-cast bronze or molten-cast bronze. The commissioned bronze sculpture can be produced in almost any scale, including monumental, but Everly prefers to work in life-size for portraits because the viewer can more easily relate to this size reproduction. The figurative pieces of western, animals, military and Native Americans are sold in the molten-cast bronze. Everly also sculpts pieces in bas relief, another form of sculpture which can be hung on a wall. These can be produced in stoneware (one-of-a-kind), cold-cast bronze or molten-cast bronze.

To honor corporate, military, political, sports figures, and distinguished family members, Bruce B. Everly, Sr. has created life-size portrait busts that are prominently displayed in museums, corporate headquarters, military bases, The Pentagon, Navy ships and private collections around the world. Recently, Everly dedicated his bust of Teddy Roosevelt on the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier, placed his commissioned bust of a local civil war general in the Booth Western Art Museum and completed commissions of WWII heroes for Ft. Stewart, Ft. Benning, Ft. Campbell and the Curahee Military Museum in Taccoa, GA.

Everly is a “renaissance man” and his enthusiasm about his life, interests and art are undeniable. He approaches with great energy, integrity and compassion.

Bruce also has an extensive list of animal sculptures that reflect his love for nature. He has been a marketing environmental engineer, a zoo director and president of an architectural firm that designed zoos around the world. Bruce’s love of the outdoor life, including his hunting and fishing experience, can best be characterized by the fact that he has been a hunting guide, a fly fisherman, a sailor, a survival instructor, a scuba dive master, a self-defense instructor, an archer, and an avid gardener.

If you like his historical bust sculptures, you will also love his animals. His attention to detail makes his sculptures come alive.