Bruce B. Everly, Sr.

Bruce B. Everly, Sr. is a classical sculptor of portrait, figurative and wildlife subjects. Everly born in 1937 in Glencoe, IL, attended New Trier High School, Northwestern University, and graduated from Sir George Williams University in Montreal. He studied art at Cranbrook Academy the Chicago Art Institute and the Evanston Art Center. After retiring from the business world, Bruce again focused his activities towards his passion for sculpting. His love for classical sculpture has earned him recognition as a dedicated professional and a teacher of his chosen art form. He sculpts and teaches in his studio in Buford, GA, where he and his wife, Elizabeth, reside.

Bruce is a true “renaissance man” with many diverse talents and interests. He has had corporate experience in finance, been an investment underwriter, a marketing environmental engineer, a zoo director and president of an architectural firm that designed zoos around the world. The common thread for all of his professional life has been the planning establishment of financial feasibility and the construction of large-scale projects.

Bruce’s love of the outdoor life, including his extensive hunting and fishing experience, can best be characterized by the fact that he has been a hunting guide, a fly fisherman, a sailor, a survival instructor, a scuba dive master, a self-defense instructor, an archer, and an avid gardener. He is a man of great energy, integrity, passion and compassion which are reflected in his work

Being a multi-faceted sculptor, Bruce has completed numerous commission portrait busts. He has a series of figurative bronze sculptures recapturing the Old West. He has constructed several life-size bronze statues. He has a strong interest in American history and is completing a series of life-size busts of Civil War leaders. He has created life-size busts of many men of integrity who have affected the path our nation has followed. His sculpture, “Black Hawk Down,” is a tribute to the bravery, integrity and loyalty of the men and women who put their lives in harms way to follow the U.S. armed forces tradition of never leaving a man in the field. The first of this limited edition bronze is now a part of Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s personal collection and is on display in his Pentagon office. Everly also created buffalo bookends that were given to the thirty Secretaries of Defense of the NATO nations as gifts from the U.S. Secretary of Defense. His works are included in many international collections.