1. What is bonded bronze?
Bonded, or cold-cast bronze, is fine bronze powder that is mixed 93% by weight with a small amount (7%) of a bonding agent, a resin.  It is cast in a thick liquid form into a rubber mold within a plastic mother mold.  When cured, the bonded bronze is chased and then finished with the application of tinted waxes.
2. Is a bonded bronze statue as resistant to breakage as a molten cast bronze?
A bonded bronze statue, although extremely durable, is more fragile than a molten cast bronze, but it is easily repairable.  A broken molten cast bronze is more difficult to repair.
3. Can a bonded bronze statue be placed outside exposed to the weather?
We are told that bonded bronze can be left out in the weather.  I would not do so, but then, I don’t like to see molten cast bronze statues left in the weather without an extensive preventative maintenance program.
4. Why buy a bonded bronze statue instead of a molten cast bronze statue?
A bonded bronze statue will be approximately one-half to one-third of the price of a molten cast bronze of the same statue.
5.  How long does it take to receive a piece of sculpture that I order from you?
We are subject to the schedules of our foundry.  They are a fairly small organization, but the standard of their work is very high.  It is worth the wait to have excellent workmanship.  Depending on the piece, the time from order to delivery is between four to eight weeks.  Often faster delivery can be arranged.
6.  Do you accept private commissions?
Yes!  I will accept a commission to sculpt a living person, preferably from photos that I take.  I can also sculpt a deceased person from existing photographs.  From the photographs, I will produce a fired original clay piece with a bronze emulsion applied.  The cost for the original sculpture is $2,800. The process takes approximately four weeks.  Since many request additional copies be made to give to family members, the statue that I produce can be used to produce castings, either in bonded bronze or molten-cast bronze.
7.  What is your policy on payments?
When you order a cast sculpture that is not in my inventory, a deposit of half of the purchase price is required at the time of the order, with the balance due when the piece is ready to be shipped.  For commissions, half of the fee is required at the time of order, with the remaining half due upon approval of the clay sculpture, prior to firing. Shipping arrangements will be made at the time of purchase. We accept all major credit cards, personal checks and money orders.
8. How do I care for my bonded bronze or molten-cast bronze sculptures?
Bonded bronze should be kept inside.  It requires nothing more than an occasional wiping with a soft, dry cloth or brush.  Bonded bronze can be buffed with a soft shoe brush to increase its shine.  Molten-cast bronze, if kept inside, should be maintained in the same way as bonded bronze.  Molten-cast bronze, kept outside, needs to be washed with a mild detergent every year, rinsed thoroughly with clear water, allowed to dry and a fine-grade paste wax needs to be sparingly applied and lightly buffed to protect the patina.
9.  Who buys my sculptures?
The clients who have purchased my sculptures, includes individuals who want to incorporate my work into their private art collections, people enthusiastic about the personality I’ve sculpted or the concept behind the sculpture, museums, descendants of the people I’ve sculpted, and finally, those interested in me creating a sculpture of someone they hold dear.  My work is in collections around the world.  Several of my pieces have been purchased by organizations who have sold them to raise funds for their organization. 
10.  How much does a sculpture weigh?
The weight is dependant on the size of the piece, but the weight of the  average life-size bust is approximately 40 pounds.
11.  What are the shipping charges?
Certain pieces with hats and plumes need to be hand-delivered or picked up.  The vast majority of the pieces are shipped FedEx Ground or UPS.  These pieces are bubble-wrapped, encased in peanuts and often double-boxed.  They are shipped insured and will be shipped anywhere in the Continental United States for approximately $45 or less.