The pursuit of the secular is too often the preeminent driving force in the political, commercial and personal endeavors within our nation.  The need to achieve greater heights than our peers and to strive for the extreme luxury that excessive wealth and power can provide has often prompted us to abandon our nobler aspects.  It seems that it is no longer deemed a success to obtain life’s needs while sustaining a life imbued with integrity.  We must stem this flow in ourselves and in our youth if we are to prevail as a free nation.  We must strive to achieve a life of integrity, honor, compassion, loyalty, strength and courage.  We need to review our history and follow in the footsteps of those who founded this nation based on freedom from tyranny, those who dedicated their lives to evolve and sustain that freedom, and those who offered their last full measure to protect it.  Freedom can be sustained only when a free people accept the responsibility to lead their lives with integrity and compassion.

I choose to dedicate myself to advancing these concepts in my personal life and in my art by creating tangible reminders of the founders and protectors of our freedom, men and women who led their lives with integrity, and who need to become our icons, not for their sake but for ours.  Their acceptance of responsibility, their demonstrations of compassion, their dedication to honor and personal integrity and their strength to hold dear the ideals of man’s right to lead a life devoid of tyranny need to be recognized, cherished and emulated.