Why I created “Reach”

As the milestone of my seventieth year approached, I allowed my thoughts to turn inward. I began to reflect on the path my life had taken and the choices that I had made to direct that path. I tried to identify the mistakes I made along the way, things that I had said and actions that I had taken that I wish I could retract and things that I neither said nor did that I wish I had. In attempting to analyze my successes and my failures, I reflected on the driving forces within that controlled the path of my life. I discovered that there are some guiding truths that had I followed more consistently, I would have had more successes and made fewer mistakes. I wanted to express these truths to my children, my grandchildren, and all young men and women who are making life-altering decisions every day of their lives. I wanted to tell them that if they will establish a moral goal for their lives that the choices they must make will become clearer.

In this age when pressure to succeed, accumulate wealth and obtain power are so prevalent, it is often not sufficiently stressed that these goals are only true accomplishments if they are attained within the bonds of personal integrity and compassion for each other and for the world in which we live. Any other gift that I might leave to my family and the family of man will pale in comparison to the gift of a statue that when viewed restates the truth that the quality of our lives can be greatly improved if we all will reach deep within ourselves for the strength and courage to lead our lives with integrity while we reach out to touch the hearts of others with our compassion. We will be more content with our own existence. Society and the world will be better because we choose to lead our lives with integrity and compassion.

Thus was born “Reach.” The concept and the statue’s form are my gifts to you. Please enjoy the statue and embrace its message.